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Unwrap the Joy of Giving: ETHOS Holiday Gift Guide with a Purpose

The holiday season is upon us, and it's that magical time of the year when we come together to celebrate and show our appreciation for the people we care about. This year, we're thrilled to present our holiday gift guide, a collection of thoughtful and unique gifts that bring joy to the recipients, support the local community, and contribute to the greater good. At ETHOS Event Collective, we take pride in working with supplier partners who share our mission of using their business as a force for good.

When you choose a gift from our guide, you're not just giving a present; you're giving an experience, a piece of a story, and a way to support businesses that make a positive impact. Many of our carefully selected supplier partners focus on sustainability and have missions close to their hearts that drive them to use their businesses as a force for good. We're confident in the quality of their products and the authenticity of their missions. Let's take a closer look at a few of our remarkable partners and the unique experiences they offer:

  • Local Artisan Workshops: We've teamed up with local artisans who create beautiful, handcrafted gifts. By purchasing from them, you're getting a unique, one-of-a-kind product and supporting traditional craftsmanship and passionate artists.

  • Eco-Friendly Gifts: For the environmentally conscious, this guide will offer a range of eco-friendly gifts. From reusable, sustainable products to gifts that support individual passion projects, you can positively impact the planet while spreading holiday cheer.

  • Community Initiatives: Some of our partners are deeply involved in community initiatives. When you buy their products, you're contributing to causes that matter. It might be supporting underprivileged youth, providing clean water to remote villages, or empowering local entrepreneurs.

  • Cultural Experiences: Our guide includes gifts that offer cultural experiences. Explore each destination in a unique way, from guided tours and workshops to wearable pieces that celebrate local treasures.

By purchasing gifts from these partners, you're making a meaningful statement about your commitment to making a positive impact. It's an opportunity to express your appreciation for your loved ones and for the communities we serve. These gifts are not just products; they're stories of people who care, businesses that do good, and a way to support local communities.

ETHOS Event Collective believes that holiday giving can be a force for good, and our mission is to make it easy for you to gift items that align with your values. We're proud to introduce you to these partners who share our commitment to sustainability and giving back.

To download the guide, click the image above.

Vendors featured the Gift Guide:


Nourish, a local Savannah vendor is a shining example of a supplier partner that embodies our mission of using business as a force for good. They offer a range of thoughtfully curated gifts that emphasize the values of sustainability, community support, and nourishing the soul. Many of their products are often crafted using eco-friendly materials and practices. Whether artisanal soaps are made from locally sourced ingredients or beautifully designed, reusable kitchenware, Nourish ensures its products leave a minimal environmental footprint. Additionally, Nourish actively participates in initiatives that support local farmers, artists, and artisans, making a significant impact in Savannah.


Sam and Friends Waconia, a unique gift shop in downtown Waconia, was founded with a heartwarming mission. They employ differently-abled individuals, offering them opportunities to work, learn, and grow. The shop sources most of its products locally, supporting artisans and vendors in the community. Their dedication to giving back is evident, as they've helped school programs and teams. By shopping with Sam and Friends Waconia, you're supporting an organization that values inclusivity and the happiness of all its members.

Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun Grand Cayman, a fashion and jewelry company, draws inspiration from the stunning natural beauty of the Cayman Islands. Each of their creations reflects the islands' spirit, offering a unique blend of fashion, art, and design. Their commitment to capturing the essence of the Cayman lifestyle is evident in every piece they craft. Our holiday gift guide features an item made from natural local Cayman bougainvillea, allowing you to wear a piece of the islands and experience the beauty of the Cayman lifestyle wherever you go.

Phat Ash Bakes

Orlando Phat Ash Bakes is a charmingly small but utterly delightful operation that creates cookies with an abundance of love. Their flavor combinations are a lovely surprise for your taste buds, showcasing their passion for culinary creativity. But by indulging in their cookies, you're not just enjoying a sweet treat but also supporting a company that is making it a priority to make a positive impact in its backyard.

They share our belief that change starts right in their backyard. They aim to spread love and, of course, cookies wherever they go. In a heartwarming act of kindness, they recently partnered with SaltOutreach, a nonprofit dedicated to serving the unsheltered through mobile drop-ins. Orlando Phat Ash Bakes donated a 'chill zone' to provide unsheltered individuals access to cold water, exemplifying their commitment to making a difference.


Have you ever walked through a hotel or retail store, noticed how wonderful it smelled, and thought of ways to make your home smell similar? This is where you would go to accomplish that! You can choose from a wide range of fragrances in their library or even craft your signature scent to make your living space uniquely yours. Beyond enhancing your surroundings, their commitment to environmentally friendly practices ensures that your home remains eco-conscious. Their dedication to creating top-quality, eco-friendly solutions guarantees you'll experience the finest scents while upholding a responsible approach to scent branding in your personal space.


Beelove from Chicago is more than skincare; it's a powerful expression of natural beauty and social responsibility. Their products are carefully crafted with 100% natural ingredients and enriched with raw, unpasteurized honey, giving you a radiant and confident glow.

We recognize and appreciate Beelove's commitment to hope and empowerment. They're not just creating exceptional skincare; they're training and employing individuals returning from incarceration, offering them transformative opportunities and jobs. By choosing Beelove, you're pampering yourself with premium skincare and contributing to the noble cause of reintegration, making you feel beautiful inside and out.

Color it Green

Discover Color It Green in Amelia Island, a haven for eco-conscious and ethically sourced products. Their store is a tribute to wildlife conservation, offering thoughtfully curated, earth-friendly items. From sustainable goods to products produced in the USA and those supporting fair-trade standards worldwide, they are committed to values that matter. Many of their offerings give back to various causes, and they proudly showcase local artisans' hand-made creations.

Carmel Honey Co.

Carmel Honey Company is a story of young entrepreneurship and a deep passion for honey bees. What started as a 5th-grade homework assignment has blossomed into a thriving business with retail stores and speaking engagements. Their commitment extends to educating their consumers about the importance of honey bees through various outreach programs. Moreover, they actively support organizations dedicated to honey bee research and education. Carmel Honey Company is contributing to a future where the world understands and values the vital role of honeybees in our ecosystem.

Feast It Forward

Feast it Forward is where lifestyle meets innovation in the heart of Napa Valley. If you're local, you can become a sponsor to gain access to their events and unique experiences featuring chefs, musicians, and A-List entertainers. However, for this year's guide, in typical wine country fashion, we featured their gorgeous, custom, handcrafted luxury tote, which is great for traveling, wine lugging, work, or even a diaper bag for mommy.


Love & Co. in Las Vegas is a heartwarming tale of resilience and the extraordinary healing power of love. Founded after a life-altering accident in 2016, their signature product, Body Butter, was born from a quest for healing and renewal. Through meticulous research and experimentation, they crafted a body butter that miraculously aided their loved one's recovery, defying expectations. Love & Co. offers a range of non-toxic, cruelty-free, and USA-made products that are good for your skin and also kind to the environment. Explore their offerings that reflect the values we hold near to us, allowing you to pamper your loved ones with products that embody care for both skin and the planet.


Timbuk2 in San Francisco, with a legacy of over three decades, is known for its durable and stylish bags designed for urban adventures. They create bags from recycled materials, use 100% recycled and recyclable shipping bags, and manufacture products closer to home to reduce emissions. They partner with ethical suppliers and promote reduced water usage, fewer chemicals, and fair labor practices.


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