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ETHOS Mother's Day Gift Guide to Shop Local and Support Small Businesses

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

It is that time of the year again when we are reminded to take an extra moment to appreciate all the mothers in our lives. In the hospitality industry, we have found that gifting experiences are one of the most thoughtful and intentional ways to show someone your appreciation. Of course, we believe the women in all our lives deserve love and attention all of the other 364 days of the year as well, but if you are saving up to buy her something special on this particular day, here are a few great ideas that she is sure to appreciate. On the one hand, there is so much room for creativity when choosing a gift that you know they will enjoy. But, on the other hand, the gift you purchase can also tell them more about your relationship or find a gift that hits home with a topic near their heart.

At ETHOS Event Collective, we are local to the communities we serve. Therefore, as one of our primary business philosophies, we source local resources at every opportunity to fuel the local economy and support small businesses. In our experience, we have found that locally sourced gifts hold a wealth of meaning and intentionality because they have their own unique story. Our preferred partners each have a history worth hearing, and products worth having. So, when you purchase a gift from one of our valued partners, you support a cause bigger than all of us. Not only are their stories unique and meaningful but to take it one step further, many of them also have a CSR initiative woven into their business practices. The best part about choosing a gift for your loved ones from one of the vendors featured in this guide is that you can feel comfortable knowing they are trusted and valued and deliver the highest quality standards.

To download the guide, click the image above.

vendors featured:

Professional artist, Julie Delfs, is best known for using resin-epoxy mixed with paint and other ingredients to create ocean-inspired artwork. Her Studio and gallery are in one space in historic downtown Fernandina Beach, where visitors can stop by and see her in action creating her masterpieces. In addition, she teaches beginners' workshops and offers private lessons to those wanting to dive into the craft! Her location on the Island is a must-see when you are traveling through to experience her beautiful creations. Some of her work includes items as large as coffee tables and household items as small as coasters. The possibilities are endless once Julie begins crafting her one-of-a-kind, in-the-moment, coastal-inspired works of art!

Bright Endeavors has a beautiful selection of Artfully hand-poured soy wax & phthalate-free candles, diffusers, and more. Although it is more than just a place to purchase unique scents and candles, it is an opportunity for young, incredible moms to embark on their parenting and career journey confidently. A social enterprise of the Chicago nonprofit New Moms, Bright Endeavors lights the way toward strong families and bright futures. This paid job training program allows young moms to learn comprehensive skills, gain confidence, and forge career paths, all while learning what is required to power a small business for our growing brand of artisanal scented candles. 100% of Bright Endeavors proceeds support New Moms' nonprofit programs providing housing, job training, academic coaching, and family support for young moms facing barriers caused by systemic poverty.

Three artists in the Grand Cayman Islands came together to create an art collective focusing on local art, fun design, and island-inspired creativity. Their selection of island chic ceramic, handmade, and upcycled goods can be found on Etsy and is perfect for those who enjoy beautifully made, environmentally friendly home goods. Between their coral ceramic cooler, beach-house-inspired home goods, or a Cayman creature coloring book, these girls have included something for everyone's interests. If you are local to the Island and have something in mind, you would like them to make; they can even work with you to create something custom and personal. Finally, they are also proud supporters of the following local charitable groups: Canine Friends, One Dog at a Time, Cayman Heart Foundation, Cayman Crisis Centre, The Breast Cancer Foundation, and Stand Up for Cancer.

Kollar Chocolates’ mission is to elevate chocolate into an artistic, sensory experience driven by flavor and innovation. Combining European techniques with the finest ethically sourced ingredients and new world flavors, Kollar and his team successfully create hand-crafted confections consistently lauded as “edible works of art.”Their selection will continue to amaze you as you battle between choosing a delicious strawberry fizz white chocolate bark to their everchanging flavor assortment of bonbons.

Nourish has been a green company since the 1990s by providing environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable products that are good for our bodies and the earth. For example, their vegan natural bath products never contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, petroleum, harsh detergents, or mineral oil. So spoil your mom this year with a relaxing bath fizzie or a lavender aloe mini facial kit. The possibilities to focus on self-care and nourish your soul are endless here! As a bonus, their products are packaged in recyclable, reusable, or biodegradable containers.

Ocean Plastics has mastered handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry on a mission to rid the sea of plastic pollution. To do this, their colorful beach-inspired jewelry is made from microplastics collected by hand from local Florida beaches. Each product supports a greener future and adds meaning to accessorizing, from large statement pieces to quaint earrings or single-beaded necklaces. Each time you wear a piece from Ocean Plastics, you can be sure to receive compliments on these unique pieces, and they are a great conversation starter for those passionate about finding unique ways to support the environment.

Paige & Rye is a woman-owned boutique with 49 local Las Vegas Businesses and Makers. The owner, Lauren, started the company during the pandemic after transitioning from the hospitality industry. Her goal is to help us all look beyond the neon lights of Vegas and highlight the authentic culture within by featuring small local businesses to encourage their growth and success in their new endeavors. The vendors she highlights offer an extensive range of products, including home decor, clothing, baby & kids' apparel, and gifts. In addition to supporting small businesses, she also encourages youth to feel empowered to step out and become entrepreneurs themselves. In addition to monetary donations, she donates her time to public and charter schools in Las Vegas to teach students how to get started building their own businesses. Sending a gift from Paige & Rye is a great reminder that we all hold the power to create a life we envision for ourselves and support others while doing so.

Rifle Paper Co. is a lifestyle brand that brings beauty to your everyday life through Anna Bond's hand-painted illustrations that can be found in stationery, accessories, and home decor. Intending to make the world a little more colorful, Rifle Paper Co. has committed to creating well-designed, high-quality, and accessible products that bring beauty to the everyday. You can shop by pattern, hand-designed by one of the owners, Anna, or by product, ranging from accessories and apparel to home décor to greeting cards. With high importance placed on finding just the right shade, you will feel how much love and attention has gone into designing each piece. These products are the perfect gift for a mother with a favorite color, as you can build out an entire set of home or clothing items based on her preferred color. You can even purchase a hand-designed Mother's Day card here when choosing your gift this year!


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