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Celebrate Dad with Unique Gifts from Local Shops: A Father's Day Gift Guide

With Father's Day just around the corner, it's time to honor the special dads in our lives. If you're still searching for the perfect gift, you still have time to make it a point to purchase a gift with meaning and intentionality by supporting local businesses! Local shops offer a treasure trove of unique and thoughtful presents that will make Dad feel loved and appreciated in addition to supporting the local community.

Considering we are a destination management company, we constantly curate unique gift experiences for our clients. In this Father's Day gift guide, we've curated a collection of handpicked items from vendors that we partner with when choosing our client's gifting experience that is local to the destinations we serve. Not only will Dad appreciate the thoughtful gift, but there will also be a unique story to tell that will surely put a smile on his face.

To download the guide, click the image above.

Vendors Featured:

What began in the early 2000s as a couple of friends with an idea has turned into a talented team, an expanded distilling facility, and double Gold award-winning rum. This team has a true passion for recreating authentic, ocean-aged rum, and they successfully set up the first-ever undersea rum maturation site. To ensure no divers accidentally stumbled (or swam) upon their barrels, they decided the perfect spot to move their reserves would be seven fathoms deep. If you're unfamiliar with the term, a fathom measures water depth and how they coined their award-winning rum's name! It is put into barrels, anchored in the ocean, and floats seven fathoms deep, rocking with the waves for at least a year before bottling. This rum is an incredible gift for dads who enjoy tasting new, unique, and carefully tended-to booze, but if you want to take it one step further, they also host in-person tours and tastings on the Island.

If your dad doesn't fit the status quo and values hard work and quality craftsmanship, this shop was made for him. Freehand Goods custom creates hand built items designed and built in Florida. You won't be able to find any of their Florida-themed designs and prints anywhere else because they have committed to ensuring that every product is truly unique. Their extensive product range will ensure you have an easy time finding something your dad will love. From apparel to wallets and hats, personal care, or art prints, you can build out a collection of unique and local goods that also does some good in the community. They are committed to conserving and restoring the wild beauty of Florida by donating up to 10% of their annual sales to charities like Conservation Florida.

For the dads who make their cup of Joe their favorite part of their morning routine, look no further than Chicago French Press. Based in Chicago, IL, this coffee destination offers a variety of unique selections, including seasonal and signature blends in sample-size bags, custom gift boxes, and teas. In addition, they specialize in flavored and decaf coffees, all flavored by hand and locally roasted in small batches that serve as the perfect gift for Father's Day! CFP is "grinding for a cause" and supports national and local 501(c)3 organizations by donating a portion of its proceeds to charitable programs annually, such as The Simple Good, The Take Back, and Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's. If your father believes in developing local communities and helping others by purchasing items from organizations focused on a community purpose, he will be eager to hear about what CFP is doing.

Calling all 'All-American' Dads ready to level up their cooking game. Whether your dad is a seasoned chef or needs a little guidance in the kitchen, this signed copy of renowned chef Thomas Kellers Ad Hoc at-home cookbook is an exciting gift for all involved. This one-of-a-kind book contains more than 200 family-style recipes that make every day feel like a special occasion. Each recipe is a masterfully designed American comfort-food classic, deconstructed by the chef in step-by-step directions so your final product is photo ready. You can be sure that this Father's Day gift will make your Mother just as happy!

In the military, the term Nine Line is a distress call. It is often the difference between life and death, symbolizing our servicemen and women's trust in one another. And this lifestyle brand, Nine Line, was Founded and operated by Veterans to revive American manufacturing and the jobs they generate. Their product selection contains items for your home, car, daily life, and more, and each of their products supports a cause bigger than all of us. In addition to providing American jobs, they are committed to supporting charitable initiatives that better the communities they serve, from first responders and military non-profits to disaster relief initiatives. These high-quality, ethically, and sustainably sourced products represent a sense of pride in self and community.

This year, you can gift Dad a hand-designed graphic tee for him and the entire family! Wild is Calling is a family-run business local to Las Vegas that designs unique, comfortable tees that everyone in the family will love! Shopping at small businesses is not just about purchasing a product or service; it's about contributing to the local community and helping entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. Your support keeps the entrepreneurial spirit alive and helps create a vibrant and diverse Las Vegas.

For the dads out there who are known to love their 'workshops,' Paisley Grace Makery is calling his name! From epoxy workshops to charcuterie and driftwood, these interactive and educational classes are filled with fun and long-lasting memories. The best part about joining these workshops is the experts who guide you to ensure your final piece is ready to be mounted to the wall. Of course, this Makery is located in Amelia Island- so if you can't make the trip out there in time for Father's Day, you can also have a craft box shipped to your home. These subscription boxes are a fantastic deal and will allow your family to continue to get creative together, embracing Paisley Grace Makery's belief that everyone was created to create!

For the dads who are just impossible to shop for because they already have 'everything they could ever want,' we have found the perfect gift option. This outdoor adventure experience is filled with educational fun that the whole family will enjoy. Expedition South Florida offers historical programs, art walks, brewery tours, cultural experiences, and more to key locations throughout South Florida. Most importantly, they ensure that we enjoy all this destination has to offer without disrupting it, as they are committed to the protection, stewardship, and preservation of Florida's varied ecosystems and landscapes and work closely with environmental organizations to ensure that our natural wonders will persist for future generations to enjoy. There is no better way to get to know a new destination and encounter wildlife than with an expert guide to ensure your memorable and safe experience!

At ETHOS Event Collective, we have committed to using our business as a force for good, and our vendor partners make that possible by continuing to look out for the communities we know and love. Each of the gifts in this guide, whether a morning cup of joe, a gourmet treat, an outdoor adventure, or a handmade treasure, you can feel confident knowing that it was sourced from a vendor who is passionate about what they do and giving back in a significant way. We hope this guide encourages you to celebrate Father's Day meaningfully, making memories and strengthening the community ties that make our local businesses thrive. Happy Father's Day!

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