No matter the format, it begins with strategy


What’s your mission, brand and revenue goals, company culture & philanthropic initiatives?


Why do they attend? What are their shared interests, likes, dislikes and aspirations? What do you want them to take away?


What connections do your attendees and organization share? How do your needs align?

Sponsors &


Why do they participate? What do they hope to achieve?

Then we curate comprehensive services to create experiences that deliver

meaningful and measurable results.

Creative strategy

and design

With a deep understanding of your organization, stakeholders and attendees, we dig deep into your RFP asking a lot of “why” questions.


Then each element is designed purposefully around exceeding results while looking for opportunities to make authentic, lasting connections with the people and places that make the experiences we create possible.

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Event research

& ROI Measurement

Partnering with The ROI Institute, we offer a customized methodology that allows you to quantify and qualify the impact and return on your live, digital, virtual or hybrid meeting or event.


Destination Management

We have seasoned destination experts throughout Florida and Northern California to source local resources, manage event operations and provide comprehensive support including:


Venue selection

+ off-site events





dine arounds

speaker services

tours +activities

a/v + production


vip services

gifting + amenities

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Tailored technology solutions

We leverage technology to streamline planning, improve efficiency and enhance the attendee experience. And because technology is always changing, we're always developing new solutions. Our IT experts works closely with you to leverage what you need without the extras you don’t.

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Meeting and



Although best known for creating the "fun" parts, we can develop and manage the delivery of educational content, event branding and sponsorships.


custom consulting


No matter where you're meeting, we provide a range of support services in our markets including hotel & DMC recommendations, destination selection and security + safety planning.

Business Meeting