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2019 Marriott Association Masters Event


Six hundred and thirty attendees, including 277 top association buyers, will be hosted over three days at the recently renovated JW Marriott Turnberry Miami.​

As the hotel was under renovation until days before the event, the space was incomplete, and measurements were undefined, requiring us to take a different approach to creating, planning, and executing each experience.


We began by developing a custom event concept throughout the program that aligned with the JW brand and the recent space enhancements - "Mastering the Elements." This theme aligns with the trends identified and prioritized by Marriott International, such as orchestrated serendipity and giving guests a clear sense of place.​


Continuing to draw on natural elements, we converted the same space in just a few hours for a Hint of Havana lunch experience, which included handmade tropical walls and lush greenery to give a nod to the lavish landscaping surrounding the hotel. 

The final "element" of the program was a sun-drenched, citrus-inspired breakfast/lunch on the Porte Cochere lawn. Providing a sense of place while highlighting their robust outdoor and wellness offerings, this fresh theme incorporated quintessential Florida elements and surprising F+B farm-to-table enhancements. Interactive features included smoothie stations, honey tastings, and freshly pressed juices. In addition, the concept infused sustainability with a multi-use design, creating the space to host breakfast and lunch.​ 

After sunset, underwater entertainers led a parade transporting guests to the Cascata pool for a contrasting fire-inspired afterparty. Moving locations demonstrated how a renovated space (Tidal Cove) flowed seamlessly with an existing area (Cascata Pool) while introducing a new "element" and a completely different event design. The décor and activations lit up the space with features like floating fire pits, fire twirlers, LED fire bars, and a flame-fueled fire booth. For an artistic element, a graffiti artist did a live "trash the dress" installation, painting flames on the white ball gown of a fire-haired entertainer.

The next morning we created a nature- inspired outdoor​ garden

breakfast. Designed with a clear sense of space, we used implied JW branding through the use of on brand colors mixed with natural elements. However within just one hour of the start time, the event was moved inside requiring the use of our custom contingency plans.

citrus orange wood pub communal (41)_edited.jpg


The "Mastering the Elements" event concept was custom crafted around the JW Marriott Turnberry brand, and the trends identified and prioritized by the Marriott brand. ​

For events that took place indoors, we created custom décor elements that brought the outside in, part of the JW Marriott brand objectives. We also paired our event designs with other brand values, including themes that nourished the soul and created an authentic sense of place. Further, we imagined and created all program concepts and elements before constructing and completing the spaces. As a result, we architected an entirely custom planning and operations process, which included regular, detailed communication with the hotel to stay abreast of adjustments made during the renovation. ​


Showcase the versatility and range of new spaces at the property, increase bookings of association meetings, and create loyalty for the Marriott brand. The event resulted in the hotel and other Marriott properties immediately​ booking other association businesses, and the client was delighted with how we featured both the spaces and the brand. ​


"You knocked it out of the park with creativity, attention to detail, and partnership. You created a real WOW experience with our Tidal Cove evening event and all the other opportunities throughout the week," said Shane Allor, Director of Sales and Marketing at JW Turnberry Miami.


With the renovation only complete days before the event and none of the new spaces measured for diagram software, we supported design objectives by pioneering diagrams for the unfinished areas. In addition, we included custom contingencies to allow for last-minute changes to the margins. This best practice ensured our team had control over an uncontrollable situation, allowing them to make adjustments in real-time when shifts occurred.  


We did need to put these contingencies into place when we relocated from an outdoor space to the Royal Ballroom one hour before our nature-inspired breakfast. Fortunately, our planning enabled us to reconfigure this event in the new area with time to spare. Also being held in the exact location, the following Touch of Havana lunch now requires set and strike in just a few short hours. Again utilizing our contingency plans, we were able to deliver the experience seamlessly.​


Association bookings increased immediately following the event. The industry and attendee response was overwhelmingly positive - building brand awareness and affinity for the JW Marriott Turnberry Miami and the Marriott brand. 

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