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Gifts with Impact: The Thoughtful Father's Day Guide

Everyone wants a gift idea that says, “Thank you for everything.” Finding a meaningful gift can show appreciation for all they do, whether honoring your father, grandfather, husband, or any other male figure who has significantly impacted your journey.

That's why we've focused on featuring Father's day gifts that aren't just thoughtful but are also rooted in community and social responsibility. Many of the vendors in this guide are local businesses or companies that have integrated corporate social responsibility into their core, ensuring that your gift gives back in more ways than one.

This guide is designed to help you choose a gift that delights and supports broader social and community goals, making your Father’s Day gesture even more meaningful.

At ETHOS Event Collective, we're more than a local destination management company; we're architects of unforgettable experiences in places like Amelia Island, Orlando, Savannah, Las Vegas, California, Chicago, and South Florida.

Our mission goes beyond just planning events; we aim to revolutionize how they are executed and experienced, with a strong focus on supporting local businesses. This commitment is a key part of our Purposeful Planning™ initiative, reflecting our belief that every event can drive positive change and leave a lasting impact on our clients and our communities.

To download the guide, click the image above.

vendors featured:

Located just blocks from historic downtown Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Mocama Beer Company is known for its unique beers, crafted with passion in the transformed Lasserre Motor Company building. Founded by four brewing enthusiasts, Mocama combines tradition with innovation. Their "Coffee Brown Hoodie" is a cozy sweater that features a vintage turquoise and red logo, embodying the spirit of craftsmanship—a perfect gift for men who value the story and art behind the great beer.

Next on our list is The Spice House's Lake Shore Drive Collection, a celebration of Chicago's rich culinary heritage. Inspired by the flavors of Greektown tavernas, Bronzeville barbecues, and family dinners along Lake Shore Drive, this collection features essential spices, rare varietals, and rubs and blends. It offers a taste of why Chicago's food culture is truly unmatched, making it an excellent gift for any dad who enjoys cooking and experimenting with new flavors.

Rounding out our Father's Day picks is Peripheral with their stylish Aviator Black Gold sunglasses. Made from lightweight memory steel, these polarized aviators are available in three sizes to suit all face shapes. Peripheral stands out by donating 50% of each sale. Customers can support specific individuals, groups, or causes, adding a meaningful touch to their gift.

Unspecified donations go to The District's Adventure Parks of the Cayman Islands, an initiative to build youth adventure parks that help locals overcome social and financial barriers. Each purchase offers a stylish gift and supports community empowerment and development.

Dive into the roaring '20s with Gatsby's Speakeasy from The Mob Museum in Las Vegas—a book of ten pop-out coasters and cocktail recipes inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary masterpiece, The Great Gatsby. Each coaster has a quote from the novel and a cocktail to enjoy while thinking about the Jazz Age.

Every sale helps The Mob Museum educate the public about organized crime's history and impact on American society. Your purchase helps preserve a historic landmark, fund new exhibits, expand digital initiatives, and enable community outreach, including educational programs for teachers and students.

Soothing Remedies offers a delightful Shaving Gift Set that blends craftsmanship with community care. Each set includes a handcrafted shaving soap known for its creamy lather and light, fresh scent. The soap's vegan-friendly oils create a rich lather that protects the skin and ensures a comfortable shave.

All Soothing Remedies products are handmade in small batches to guarantee the highest quality. In addition to their commitment to fine, non-toxic products, they prioritize supporting the local West Palm Beach community.

When you buy from Soothing Remedies, they give a bar of soap to someone in need. This gift set is perfect for those who want to treat their loved ones and support a good cause simultaneously.

Big Little Boxes presents the Coastal Collection Sampler, a carefully curated set that captures the California coast's spirit. This unique gift is a collection that includes handmade items like Lavender soap, salts, olive oil, garlic olives, a candle, and cookies from California. The founders started Big Little Boxes during the pandemic to bring people together. They offer products that showcase California's best craftsmanship and promote unity.

The Ancient Olive Gourmet introduces the Aged & Charred Cocktail Smoker Kit, perfect for cocktail enthusiasts, especially bourbon and whiskey lovers. The kit includes an oak Smoke Lid, four types of wood chips, a torch, and butane, all in a stylish gift box. Designed for ease of use and space efficiency, the Smoke Lid adds a sophisticated smoked finish to your favorite drinks.

The Ancient Olive Gourmet is dedicated to finding the world’s finest foods, offering a collection that includes premium extra virgin olive oils, Italian balsamic vinegars, and unique culinary and home accessories, all reflecting their commitment to excellence.

Billie Marie Goods introduces the Unisex Wallet, combining style with practicality from their San Francisco studio. Emphasizing accessibility, sustainability, and quality, this wallet is crafted for durability and everyday use, ready for the varied adventures of its owner.

Each wallet is handcrafted, demonstrating Billie Marie's commitment to durability and functionality. Designed to transition seamlessly from professional to leisure activities—whether it's the office or the outdoors—their leather goods embody versatility and resilience.

Celebrate Father's Day with River Street Sweets, a renowned candy maker from Savannah, Georgia, famous for their Original Pralines®. Born from a trade show discovery in 1973, they have grown from a small family gift shop into a candy powerhouse. Their pralines, hand-dipped on historic marble slabs, embody Southern tradition and history.

The Father's Day Box of Original Pralines provides a taste of this rich culinary heritage, each praline crafted with the timeless techniques and love that have made River Street Sweets a Southern confectionery icon.

Enjoy the deep flavors of ONEHOPE Winery's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine that blends taste with purpose. This robust red features notes of dried herbs, vanilla, and chocolate, pairing well with dishes like walnut-infused braised greens, blue cheese-stuffed flank steak, and rosemary cake.

ONEHOPE goes beyond offering exquisite wines; each purchase supports their mission of making a significant impact. With over $10 million donated to various causes, ONEHOPE contributes 10% of every bottle sold to a nonprofit chosen by the buyer. To date, they've supported over 40,000 charities and funded sustainable projects like building schools, cancer research, and reforestation efforts.


If none of the gifts in our Father's Day guide seem right for the father figure you're celebrating, consider making a donation to a nonprofit in his honor. ETHOS proudly introduces our Passion Project Initiative, which connects our clients with meaningful nonprofit organizations in our destinations.

Our team has selected four nonprofits in each location that embody our values of a people-first approach, transparency, and impactful missions. Below, please review these nonprofits. Perhaps one resonates with the values of the man you're honoring this Father's Day. A donation in his name can create a lasting legacy of kindness and generosity that extends beyond this special day.

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