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ETHOS Event Collective Launches Passion Project Initiative and 1% Community Give Back Commitment


ETHOS Event Collective, a leading destination management company, announces the launch of the Passion Project Initiative, a unique program in the industry that connects its clients with charitable organizations in the communities they serve. In addition, ETHOS has committed to supporting the initiative by giving back 1% of program profits to those charities.

ETHOS Event Collective Giving + CSR
Passion Project Initiative

The idea is aligned with ETHOS' core philosophy of Purposeful Planning™, which states that successful event design and execution depend upon understanding and integrating clients' and communities' unique characteristics and goals, fostering meaningful connections and positive change.

ETHOS Event Collective crafts unforgettable corporate experiences that reflect their clients' unique essence and aspirations. Founded in 2021 by a team with decades of experience in destination management, ETHOS Event Collective was born out of a desire to elevate the industry's potential for positive impact.

With a team of approximately 70 passionate individuals, ETHOS Event Collective has established itself as a leader in destination management, guided by the ethos of Purposeful Planning™. This approach goes beyond traditional event logistics, delving deep into understanding how a program can be a catalyst for social and economic growth within each destination served.

"At ETHOS, we believe that destination management is not just about coordinating events; it's about creating meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impact," says Joe Fijol, Founder and Principal of ETHOS Event Collective. "Purposeful Planning™ is at the heart of everything we do, driving our commitment to excellence and social responsibility."

Introducing the Passion Project Initiative

Driven by a commitment to using business as a force for good, ETHOS Event Collective is thrilled to unveil the Passion Project Initiative across Amelia Island, Orlando, Palm Beach, Miami, Naples, Savannah, Las Vegas, Napa + Sonoma, Monterey Peninsula, San Francisco, and Grand Cayman. This initiative connects its clients with four local nonprofit organizations and four national organizations, providing diverse volunteering opportunities for attendees. Each team member will also participate in quarterly volunteering projects, reinforcing its year-round commitment to community support.

The Passion Project Initiative ensures that when clients embark on a journey with ETHOS Event Collective, their experience transcends the traditional event experience. Attendees can enjoy a delightful destination through unique opportunities that contribute positively and forge meaningful connections.

To facilitate the launch of the Passion Project Initiative, ETHOS has implemented a philanthropy department this year within its marketing team. Lexi Matias and Raquel Santo lead this initiative, fostering deeper connections within the community.

Over the past year, the team has meticulously vetted each organization in the Passion Project Initiative to ensure alignment with ETHOS' core values of people-first approaches, transparency, and impactful missions. This thorough vetting guarantees that clients can get involved with authentic opportunities to make meaningful, lasting contributions to the community.

Moreover, ETHOS has committed to giving back 1% of profits annually to the organizations they work with throughout the year.

"In our dedication to destination management, ETHOS Event Collective prioritizes collaboration with local nonprofits to create authentic and impactful client experiences," says Lexi Matias. "By investing in local communities and promoting sustainable practices, we aim to leave a positive legacy in every destination," adds Matias.

In Q1 and Q2 of 2024, the ETHOS Event Collective team has made a significant impact through various internal giveback opportunities. Their employees have actively participated in numerous community service projects, dedicating their time and skills to supporting local organizations.

So far, the team has collectively donated 226 hours to various organizations, showcasing this organization's dedication to making a meaningful difference.

A Team Dedicated to Purposeful Planning™

Crucial to the success of ETHOS's Purposeful Planning™ approach is its team of dedicated professionals who embody the company's core values. Through a rigorous recruitment process, ETHOS ensures that its employees share a commitment to excellence, empathy, and cultural sensitivity, further enriching the client experience.

"As pioneers in destination management, we empower our team to 'live their ETHOS' by embracing each destination's unique characteristics and aspirations," remarks Raquel Santo. "By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, we strive to set new standards for excellence in the industry."

Furthermore, ETHOS leverages technology, research, and measurement through strategic partnerships with the ROI Institute and the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF). ETHOS combines industry-leading expertise with data-driven insights to maximize ROI and deliver unparalleled value to clients.

This year, the IRF honored Joe Fijol with the Volunteer of the Year Award. "Joe's unwavering dedication and impactful contributions have significantly advanced our initiatives and set a remarkable standard for volunteerism," said Stephanie Harris, President of the Incentive Research Foundation.

This recognition highlights ETHOS Event Collective's commitment to making a positive impact on the incentives industry through its initiatives. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and destination-specific knowledge, ETHOS empowers clients to make informed decisions and achieve their business objectives with precision and efficiency.

As ETHOS Event Collective continues to redefine destination management through Purposeful Planning™, it invites businesses and individuals alike to join the journey toward more meaningful and impactful events. ETHOS demonstrates that destination management can be a powerful catalyst for positive change in today's dynamic world by prioritizing purpose alongside profit.

To learn more about how ETHOS can elevate your next event and drive meaningful results, visit their website.

About ETHOS Event Collective: ETHOS Event Collective is a premier event management company known for crafting unforgettable experiences in Amelia Island, Orlando, Palm Beach, Miami, Naples, Savannah, Las Vegas, Napa + Sonoma, Monterey Peninsula, San Francisco, and Grand Cayman. With a dedicated team of event specialists, they curate bespoke gatherings that reflect their clients' unique essence and aspirations. From conceptualization to execution, ETHOS Event Collective delivers seamless, memorable events that leave a lasting impact.

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