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ETHOS Event Collective's Year-to-Date Progress in CSR

At ETHOS Event Collective, our mission extends beyond revolutionizing the way corporate events are planned, executed, and experienced. We are deeply committed to giving back to the communities we serve, believing that our collective efforts can create a meaningful and lasting impact.


In the past, we have always sought opportunities to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into our programs. However, this year, we took a strategic approach to galvanize our philanthropic efforts, aiming to understand the needs of the organizations we support better and make a more significant difference.


One key aspect of this initiative is providing hands-on opportunities for our internal teams in each destination to engage directly with nonprofits. Organized by our dedicated giving department, these experiences have been transformative for the communities we serve and have also fostered personal growth and a deeper sense of purpose in our team members.


In just the first two quarters of this year, our team has donated an impressive 274 hours of their time to various charitable endeavors. This significant increase in our team's volunteering hours, surpassing the total hours donated last year, is a testament to their unwavering commitment and dedication to making a tangible difference in the world around us.


We are thrilled by this program's success on multiple fronts, particularly in how it has positively impacted our team's morale, sense of purpose, and connection to our communities. Each volunteering experience has been a testament to the power of collective action and the spirit of giving that defines ETHOS Event Collective.


Here are some of the volunteering experiences ETHOS participated in during 2024 so far:



Amelia Island

ETHOS team volunteering in Amelia Island
ETHOS Amelia at Barnabas New To You Resale Store

Our team gathered at the New To You Resale Store on Amelia Island to support the initiatives of Barnabas. They spent their time sorting, hanging clothes, and merchandising items. This experience allowed the team to learn more about how donations are made and the community that Barnabas serves. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience as we sifted through donations, found treasures for ourselves, and witnessed customers finding exactly what they were looking for. One team member even purchased a wedding dress donated to the store, adding a personal touch to the day. It was heartwarming to see the positive impact of our efforts on both the store and its customers.


South Florida

ETHOS South Florida volunteering at the beach
ETHOS South Florida Planting Sea Oats

Our team joined forces with the Youth Environmental Alliance to contribute to coastal restoration efforts at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. We focused on planting sea oats, a crucial plant for beach conservation. It was a learning experience for many of us, discovering the significance of sea oats to our coastline. Despite the hard work of digging up sand for planting, we managed to plant an impressive 1,000 native dune plants. This activity brought our team together by allowing us to make a tangible impact on preserving and restoring our coastal environment.



Ghost Pirates game with Single moms and family
ETHOS Savannah Volunteering with Shelter from the Rain

Our team collaborated with Shelter from the Rain to create a memorable outing for single moms and their families at the Ghost Pirates hockey game. We assisted with set-up, registration desk management, serving, and tear-down, ensuring everyone had a fantastic time. Families enjoyed free admission, pizza, and brownies while bonding over the game. It was heartwarming to meet the families Shelter from the Rain supports and see the impact of our efforts in creating a joyful experience for them.



Packing kits to help homeless
ETHOS Orlando at Miles to Go

The Orlando team participated in Miles to Go's 6th-anniversary party and packing day, where they assembled hygiene kits for the homeless. It was a day filled with meaningful activities, including packing bags of essentials for those in need. This event marked our highest participation rate yet, with 12 of our employees coming together to support Miles to Go’s mission!


Las Vegas

Helping to sort prom dresses
ETHOS Las Vegas at Project 150

Our team participated in sorting, organizing, and hanging prom clothes donations for Project 150, contributing to their mission of empowering youth. It was an incredible experience to be part of preparing for their prom closet opening and knowing that our efforts would bring smiles to the faces of 400-500 high school students. Prom is a significant event for many students, and our contribution meant that those who might have struggled financially could still enjoy this memorable occasion with something nice to wear.


Grand Cayman

Setting up their gala
ETHOS Cayman with Jasmine

One of our dedicated Cayman team members supported the setup for a fundraiser gala hosted by Jasmine, which raised an incredible CI$50,000 to provide free palliative care. This engagement presented another opportunity for us to support Jasmine in September. The ETHOS and Red Sail team will be donating a sunset sail to host a welcome evening for their international speakers during the Biennial Palliative Care Conference.


Volunteering in the Green room
ETHOS Orlando at Runway to Hope

As the second consecutive year ETHOS has had the privilege of hosting a table, six of our team members also had the honor of volunteering. They dedicated themselves to the Green Room, transforming it into an entertainment zone where the kids, affectionately known as 'celebrities,' waited for their runway moment. The Green Room was filled with fun activities like multi-player Pac-Man, ball pits, bracelet-making, crafting, Barbie play, and more, bringing joy to the children and their families. Thanks to the generous support and participation of everyone involved, the event has successfully raised over $1.2 million dollars and counting, all dedicated to supporting pediatric cancer initiatives in Central Florida.

South Florida

Golf tournament for children with disabilities
ETHOS South Florida and Clients at Parkland Buddy Sports

The South Florida team assisted Parkland Buddy Sports in organizing and supporting their 12th annual No Limits Golf Tournament on Saturday, May 4th, from 8 am to 1 pm. We helped with various tasks, including set up, registration, monitoring hole-in-one and ball launcher activities, managing drink stations, and helping with the silent auction and raffle. It was a successful event, and they sold out! It was so fun to see the Ethos team and their hotel partners all having a great time.

Las Vegas

Serving food
ETHOS Las Vegas with Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Our entire Las Vegas team had the opportunity to participate in the Community Dinner Service volunteering event at Las Vegas Rescue Mission. The team helped out in the dining hall, and got to witness the recovery clients getting to serve the food they have spent their shift helping to prepare. This approach promotes accountability and responsibility for the meal, providing a meaningful experience for both the volunteers and those receiving the service. It was a firsthand experience of the vital service they provide for those in need.

Amelia Island

Painting Bowls also with Barnabas afterward
ETHOS Amelia with Micah's Place

Our team gathered at the Barnabas Center office to unpack Amazon boxes of supplies and organize them to assemble 50 comfort kits for the moms at Micah's Place. With everyone's participation, we aimed to make between 4-5 kits each, including personal notes in each one.

Afterward, we transitioned to support Barnabas' Empty Bowls program by painting a bowl or two for the remainder of the time. It was a productive and meaningful day of giving back to our community.


These experiences are just a snapshot of the meaningful work our team has been involved in. Through these efforts, we've been able to give back to our communities while also strengthening our bonds as a team and gaining invaluable insights into the needs of the organizations we support.

As we look ahead to the second half of the year, our team is excited about the opportunities to continue making a difference and creating positive change in our local communities. The ETHOS Event Collective team extends our gratitude to the organizations that have worked with us and looks forward to the impact we will continue to make together.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Passion Project initiative as our team strives to empower change and strengthen our communities through their collective efforts.

To learn more about the Passion Project Initiative, click here.


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