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Raising the Bar in Destination Management: The Power of Local Expertise and Exceptional Service.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

When planning your next corporate event, the landscape is bustling, with many Destination Management Companies (DMCs) vying for your attention. Finding the perfect partner to orchestrate a seamless and unforgettable experience is paramount in this sea of options. However, as with any industry, not all DMCs are created equal; occasionally, some may fall short of expectations.

At ETHOS Event Collective, we believe in setting a higher standard. We're not just another DMC; we're your dedicated ally, event architect, and unwavering advocate. What sets us apart is our commitment to purposeful planning, our relentless pursuit of using business as a force for good, being local to the destinations we are servicing, exceeding your expectations by providing alternative solutions, and getting to know your company deeply enough to become an extension of your team to ensure we meet event objectives. Our team's passion, creative ingenuity, and unwavering attention to detail ensure that your vision comes to life in ways that leave a lasting impact.

Since before ETHOS doors were open, we have been listening to the concerns within the industry to understand where we can fill in the gaps. That's why we prioritize transparency, open communication, and a client-centric approach built upon deep seeded relationships. We don't just want your business; we want to create a lasting partnership, understanding your unique needs, preferences, and goals so each event we plan continues to move you toward your goals. Here are a few of the approaches that ETHOS takes to ensure that we stand out from other DMCs in the market:

The Local Advantage

Being local makes all the difference, and only a few DMCs are truly local to the destinations they service. Because our team is intimately acquainted with our destinations, they eliminate the need to rely on others for information. As true residents, they know the hidden gems only locals can reveal, ensuring your event transcends the ordinary, embraces the extraordinary, and best suits your guests. Because of this, we can make the most of your time by intimately knowing the spaces we work in, leaving no room for error.

Service First:

Exceptional service is at the core of everything we do. We put our clients first, understanding that each event is unique and requires personalized attention. The event that we planned for our previous client could never work for the following one, as we take the time to understand the goal of every meeting to provide a strategy that meets that goal. Our commitment to service means we won't hesitate to redirect you if necessary, ensuring every aspect of the program aligns with your objectives.

The Power of Experience

Our experience speaks for itself. With decades of experience successfully planning and executing corporate events, our team has honed the art of anticipating needs and providing expert guidance. Your vision becomes our mission, and we take the stress away, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Because our team has worked at these locations many times, they understand the setup and how the event will flow best throughout the evening.

A Network of Partners

Each preceding point has led us to construct an extensive network of partners within our communities. This means we have plans B, C, and D in case of unforeseen circumstances, as our options are never limited. Your event logistics are in safe hands with us, and we take pride in offering seamless solutions to potential conflicts that ensure a smooth journey from start to finish. Never will we have to rely on last-minute bandages for problems that could compromise your event. Logistics such as transportation, wait times, and all other details will always be taken care of, ensuring your guests are comfortable and on time for each leg of the journey.

Trust and Repeat Business

As a part of our business philosophy, we measure our success in our ability to influence others positively, which manifests in our client's trust. Our commitment to setting and delivering on expectations has led to numerous repeat business opportunities and lifelong connections. Our clients know they can rely on us to make their vision a reality, to use their business as a force for good, and to prioritize what is best for their company goals and objectives.

Planning a corporate event with a DMC as your ally instead of just being your planner, you can release the burden of responsibility to us, knowing that your vision will come to life flawlessly. Our team becomes an extension of yours, ensuring results for our clients and the community long after the event has ended.

Connect with our team and let us show you why our local expertise and dedication to service make all the difference in planning your next corporate event.


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