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Hi, We’re ETHOS Event Collective

So you’re planning a company event in the next few months? It’s best to consider hiring an event management company. Their local knowledge and connections enable them to provide more comprehensive onsite services, more flexibility, and better rates.

ETHOS Event Collective is a destination and event management company fueled by purpose and passion. Although we are a DMC providing nationwide services, we use a "local” approach. Our "boots on the ground" strategy focuses on collaborating with local suppliers and partners to create unforgettable experiences.

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What You Can Expect Working With a Local DMC

Exactly what does local mean in the world of DMCs today? ETHOS Event Collective considers local to be more than general knowledge of a destination and being able to send a member of its team there. By having brick-and-mortar offices with team members who live and work in the destination, we are truly committed to the destination and to being your strategic partner. Working with a local DMC involves purposefully partnering with local vendors, partners and hoteliers to create a fantastic event that has lasting results for companies and local communities long after the event has ended. This is the type of attention and Purposeful Planning that may be missed when working with a national DMC.

Local Knowledge

When planning an event in a different city, working with a local DMC means you have access to people with extensive local knowledge; we start by gaining a deep understanding of your group, business and event goals, and then our team crafts ideas that are specifically designed around those needs. A local DMC will have experts throughout the destination to source local resources, oversee event operations and provide comprehensive support. At ETHOS Event Collective, no matter where you are meeting, we offer a range of support services in any market including destination selection, hotel sourcing and DMC sourcing. Working with a national DMC, you may find that you don't get the intimate knowledge that you would if you were to work with locals of a destination.

Quality and Better Prices

One of the benefits to consider when choosing a local DMC is higher quality output and negotiated prices for services. Direct relationships with local hotels, caterers, and tour companies gives you the best onsite services and rates.

At ETHOS Event Collective, we have strong relationships with vendors, tour companies, and partners in our operating regions, such as Miami, San Francisco, and Chicago. Unlike other national corporate event planners, we can offer better services and fair rates.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a local DMC translates to peace of mind. Local event planning companies are aware of traffic patterns, risks, and the culture of a specific region. They make decisions that align these factors to issues that may impact the event's success.

At ETHOS Event Collective, we invest in learning critical details about our operating regions. We understand the culture and risks associated with specific areas and follow what is required. Our operations team is brought in for consultation on the proposal side; they weigh in on logistics plans, movements and set up details. But our ops team always has a B and C plan, and are some of the most creative people in the company.

Our events are smooth without any inconveniences. Event planning is 90% planning and 10% surprise; the thing that makes you great is what you do with that 10% you can’t plan for. When using a national DMC, the planners might lack experience in managing that 10% in destinations where they are not local.

What We Do

We at ETHOS Event Collective deliver experiences that impact our clients, partners, and communities long after their events have ended. Our creative process is rooted in ROI, which means our team is committed to delivering connections with moments, destination, content and people.

Building connections is the easiest and fastest way to create return on event investment. When content and programming is purposeful, it creates bonds with brands, locations and information. Specific goals like employee retention, increased sales, brand loyalty, team recognition and learning are consistently ranked at the top of the list, but what specific elements are woven into the timeline to achieve those goals? And how do you decide what to choose? That’s where we come in, you can trust us to provide those answers, then execute them flawlessly.

Our professionals help event and meeting planners stay ahead of rising demand while supporting places that make our industry prosper. Below are the initiatives we use to curate comprehensive services that deliver results.


We come up with authentic ideas that are grounded in strategic designs. Our cooperative event planners aim to understand your company and culture for the bigger picture. We ask many "why" questions so we can fully comprehend your event and company goals.

A deep understanding of your company helps us develop creative ideas that align with your organizational culture, which drives satisfaction and leaves a long-lasting impression.

Research/ROI Measurement

At ETHOS Event Collective, we aim to create moments that attain your event goals and company objectives. The foundation of our services lies in return on investment (ROI).

We have partnered with the ROI institute to measure your event's success. We use tried and true methods to identify ways to improve future projects. We aim to provide maximum ROI on future meetings.

Destination Management

ETHOS Event Collective is a national DMC that partners with local experts to create top corporate event management services. We use our creative process to provide quality events and deeper connections with communities in our operating regions.

We specialize in the logistics and organization of events by finding the perfect event venues. At ETHOS Event Collective, we find local suppliers to suit the vision for your circumstances. We leverage technology to streamline planning and ensure the efficiency of all event plans.

Our seasoned destination experts perform various support services, including organizing transportation, speaker services, event security, and décor. They help you get to the venue safely through quality transport services and have a fantastic event that aligns with your company goals.


Choose a DMC for Your Next Event

Whether you are planning an incentive trip, corporate meeting or a multi-day conference, hire a local destination management company. We have destination experts that partner with you to help save time and unnecessary stress while planning your event. We also leverage technology to situate you to have a successful event with tangible results. Working with a local DMC guarantees peace of mind, flexibility, and quality services that create return for the company and community.

At ETHOS Event Collective, we provide personalized destination and event management services that align with your company's culture. Our destination experts aim to understand the objective of your event to recommend the best venues. We work closely with local vendors, hotels, and transport services to provide only the best solutions.

Connect with us to discuss how ETHOS Event Collective can help plan your next event.


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