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Exploring Orlando: A DMCs Guide for Incentive Travel

Updated: Apr 25

ETHOS Event Collective would like to welcome you to The City Beautiful, a multifaceted destination with more to offer than many would expect, given its reputation. Among its many highlights, it may be a surprise to learn that Orlando, FL is a hospitality mecca of the world. This distinctive characteristic, combined with its world-renowned theme parks, makes this city the ideal destination for significant corporate events of any size.

When you decide on Orlando as the destination to host your event, you can expect to choose between an array of options to entertain your guests that will guarantee to pique their interests and will be talked about long after the event has ended. Known as one of the most diverse cities, it is a place where everyone fits in, and all cultures are welcome. So, whether your group is interested in golf, beaches, theme parks, wine tours, or anything else, Orlando can provide it.

As we often say in hospitality, it is all about the people. And if you've ever had the pleasure of visiting this marvelous city before, you will understand what we mean when we say there is a remarkable community that lives here. On the surface, it is a transient area as it is the 4th most visited destination in the US. Therefore, it is an energetic atmosphere where you can always expect to meet new individuals from around the globe. Due to the high volume of travel, many of the permanent residents are immersed in the hospitality industry that services tourists, considering it largely contributes to the financial success of central Florida. This type of environment is what put Orlando on our radar when choosing what destinations ETHOS Event Collective will service.


ETHOS was founded on the idea that we should use business as a force for good by ensuring our planned events positively impact the community. There are many levels to how we do this, and the first is by sourcing everything we can from local vendors within Orlando. This practice strengthens the local economy and offers you and your guests unique experiences that connect you with the destination and its inhabitants. From the gifting experience the moment you arrive on-site to where the food is sourced for your dinner reservations, each element is intentionally chosen to tell a story about your company, the community you are in, and the people who helped to make it all happen.

There is no one better to activate an experience in a destination than the people who live there. For that reason, one of our primary business philosophies is taking a 'boots-on-the-ground' approach to our incentive destinations. Accordingly, you can find comfort in knowing that each team member is intimately acquainted with this city and its vendors. Having deep-seated relationships with local merchants allows us to prioritize your group when making reservations at highly sought-after locations. In addition, we have insight into whether a venue can efficiently accommodate a group of your size.

Small details like this are only possible because we are immersed in this city and know intimately about daily changes, updates, and new experiences. If we were not local to Orlando, we would have to rely on internet research and well-positioned photographs that can sometimes be deceptive to assume whether or not an experience will be right for you. Instead, we put our eyes on the venue, remain the liaison between you and the locations that will host you and are available to be on-site within minutes when needed to ensure everything runs smoothly.

As a result, we have a library of options to choose from that ensures a seamless and relaxing experience for all. In addition, you will be working with a team that is well-versed in the right places to participate in the most authentic and unique experiences only this city has to offer.

Most of all, our goal in being local is to remain your strategic ally. This means we would never sacrifice ROI for your event by letting our business interests get in the way. It is worth noting that we do not sign exclusive contracts with vendors in our destinations to ensure each program is custom designed to suit the needs of your event.


It's hard to believe that Disney World has more square mileage than the entire city of San Francisco itself. That may explain why for many, the first thing that comes to mind when they think of Orlando is the theme parks. Don't get us wrong, we are theme park enthusiasts, but that certainly isn't the extent of what is available to do here. You can genuinely have the best of all worlds because Orlando is centralized. Here is a quick look into a few other activities to explore when planning your next visit with us.

Local Breweries in Winter Garden
Local Brewery with Beer on Tap
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Bike Tours in Celebration
Bike Tours in Florida
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Boat Tours in Winter Park
Tour Boat
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Downtown Disney
This is your sign to go to Disney
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Morse Museum
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Cocoa Beach
Photo by Ty Finck on Unsplash

Kennedy Space Center