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Fill it Forward Selects ETHOS Event Collective as one of 25 Changemakers of 2023

Updated: Jun 18

ETHOS Event Collective is honored to receive recognition as a 2023 Changemaker by Fill it Forward, sharing this distinction with twenty-four remarkable companies dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility. This accolade highlights the commitment of the chosen organizations to foster positive change through reusable practices.

The acknowledgment is a reflection of a deep-seated commitment to innovation and fostering positive change within the event management industry. During IMEX 2023 in Las Vegas, a partnership with Fill it Forward allowed for the distribution of branded reusable water bottles to event attendees. Each bottle featured a QR code that, when scanned, facilitated a $4 donation to help fund a water project in Bangladesh through charity: water. This initiative emphasized sustainable practices and showcased a strong passion for philanthropy.

Looking forward, the collaboration with charity: water is set to continue into 2024 as part of the "Passion Project Initiative." This initiative is designed to bridge nonprofits with corporate events, reinforcing a commitment to social responsibility. ETHOS Event Collective is committed to redefining the event experience by positively impacting the world. This recognition serves as a testament to the mission and the impactful work undertaken every day.

Among the awarded categories:

  1. Climate Action

  2. Social Impact Innovator

  3. Sustainability Trailblazer

  4. Philanthropy Champion

  5. Community Leadership

  6. Corporate Social Responsibility

  7. Employee Engagement

Fill it Forward mentions ETHOS Event Collective:

"Philanthropy Champion

Recognizing those who go beyond borders, this award acknowledges organizations actively engaged in philanthropy and collaborative projects. Their ongoing commitment to supporting charitable projects locally and globally showcases a deep

sense of responsibility toward making a

positive impact around the world.

To learn more about Fill it Forward and the 2023 Changemakers, read their full blog here.


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