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Benefits of Working with Four Local Organizations: This collaboration allows us to stay attuned to their most current needs and galvanize our efforts to make a significant impact. Each organization aligns with ETHOS core values and has been thoroughly vetted for transparency and accountability. 

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Costs vary based on desired participation. Time or money can be donated to any organization, and each has different levels of involvement based on group interests. 


Project 150 daily supports over 75 high schools, providing essential resources like clothing, food, scholarships, and mentorship to disadvantaged students facing homelessness or displacement, empowering them to graduate and build
bright futures.

A leading food bank collaborates with businesses, nonprofits, distributors, higher education, media, and volunteers to combat food insecurity, providing over 550 million pounds of food and supporting hundreds of thousands of individuals with renowned efficiency and impact. 

They provide food, shelter, and recovery support, serving 18,000 meals monthly and accommodating intact families as Las Vegas' sole shelter. 

Ways to get involved

Cleanups, restocks and donating needed supplies. 

GTSF provides new shoes to 450 children weekly at a single school, helping over 135,000 children avoid sharing, patching, or squeezing into old pairs. 


“The program went smoothly from start to finish. From the largest elements to the smallest details, each component was handled with precision – on time and on budget. The team remained consistent and involved throughout, making me feel like their top priority. Our attendees had a great experience and, because of the team's personalized service and great communication, I got to have fun as well!” 

Barry brim, rexair

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