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ETHOS Event Collective Opens New Office Location in Savannah, Georgia

Meetings in Savannah offer memorable experiences through ETHOS' vision of purposeful planning for meaningful results.

SAVANNAH, Ga., February 10, 2023 ( - ETHOS Event Collective, a growing destination and event management firm with offices across the country, has officially opened a new location in Savannah, Georgia. The ETHOS team hopes to play a critical role in bridging the gap between meeting and incentive planners and Savannah's offerings. 

The expansion to Georgia allows ETHOS to work with existing relationships and resources within the city while developing destination offerings that grow the local economy and create opportunities for hotel, supplier and client partners. These relationships and resources help to enhance the quality of event experiences while simultaneously retaining a true sense of Savannah's meaningful past. Attendees can relax and maximize their time away in the city that has been a stalwart of American tradition since its formation in 1788.

Having established itself as a mainstay of experiential adventure, this expansion is nothing new to the ETHOS team. The ETHOS creative methodology and strategic boots-on-the-ground philosophy are why ETHOS has been able to host remarkable events in cities such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and Orlando, as well as many others.

The ETHOS Event Collective creative process and operational excellence have already produced meaningful connections, experiences, and results for its clients. Businesses that have partnered with ETHOS have already attributed increased employee retention, sales, and brand loyalty to ETHOS-managed events, and local tourism experts have begun to notice the positive impact the events have had on the local Savannah community.

"The Savannah office will continue to serve our mission of purposeful planning with meaningful results," said Maura O'Donnell, ETHOS Business Development Manager. "We have been able to make a significant impact in cities where ETHOS has already been established. With the newly opened Savannah office full-steam ahead, we are ready to enhance our offerings in the southern region of the U.S."  

About ETHOS Event Collective

ETHOS Event Collective is a Destination & Event Management Company that helps meeting and event planners stay ahead of increasing demands while supporting the people and places that make the experiences we create possible. ETHOS approaches every client's event with the intention of positively influencing the aftereffect, starting with the big picture, then working through each multifaceted element. They are in pursuit of creative ideas that become grounded in a company's strategy, driving results long after an event has ended.


Lexi Matias

Source: ETHOS Event Collective

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