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Success begins with great people driven by purpose.



“Purposeful Planning. Meaningful Results.”

ETHOS comes from the Greek word “ἦθος,” which
refers to the characters or fundamental values that shape a community, nation, or ideology. The Greeks also used this word to share their belief that the arts heavily influenced spectators' emotions, behaviors, and morals. ETHOS Event Collective was born from this same ideology.


Our goal is to leave a lasting impact in the communities we serve through our own art form: meaningful, well-executed events.

Founded by award-winning teams, we’ve been making waves in the event industry for decades by creating authentic destination experiences. We work to align the needs of event planners with an array of local destinations to ensure meaningful results for clients and communities.

At ETHOS Event Collective, we believe less is more. Less money spent, less time wasted, fewer suppliers needed - and that’s just the beginning. We strive to maintain a smaller circle, and foster deeper relationships with every
individual we work with, from clients to destination partners. Our team is allies in all things meetings, events, and beyond.


Our core values are at the heart of our business and the heart of every member of our team. We pride ourselves on being a people-first company for both our employees and our clients, and we’re dedicated to building relationships with everyone we meet. We love working with clients who align with our goals and values because, at the end of the day, we’re not a one-and-done kind of team. Our goal is to work with one client ten times rather than work with ten clients one time.

Authenticity is the basis for everything we do at ETHOS Event Collective. When we say we’re dedicated to our communities and their members, we mean it. Each of our team members works on a personal passion project, in which they give back to the communities they cherish most. These passion projects drive our team to be better - and do better - both inside and outside the office. Through these projects, we’ve been able to support individuals, create jobs, and strengthen both interpersonal and business relationships in our local communities.


ETHOS Event Collective strives to be our industry’s leader. For us, ROI isn’t a fancy buzzword to throw around in meetings. We’re here to use business as a force for good, and help our clients reach their goals, while saving them time. Our team works hard to be a strategic ally to our clients, helping identify both long and short-term goals to maximize the value of their investment.

By successfully generating ROI for our clients and community, we hope to inspire others to join us in working towards our vision: giving back to the people and places that make the experiences we create possible.


“The program went smoothly from start to finish. From the largest elements to the smallest details, each component was handled with precision – on time and on budget. The team remained consistent and involved throughout, making me feel like their top priority. Our attendees had a great experience and, because of the team's personalized service and great communication, I got to have fun as well!” 

—Barry Brim, Rexair

“I can't say enough about their team, creativity and responsiveness. Even for last minute, very demanding requests, they make it happen and they will exceed your expectations down to every last detail. ” 

—Angela Pitrone, Global Meeting Manager, Deloitte

“We are incredibly selective, design-driven company. The team created a truly unique program concept and diverse evening experiences within it - executing every detail and creative touch to perfection. They exceeded our always
high expectations” 

Sherry Dreger, Former VP of Marketing, Bentley Mills

“The team never fails... From inception to execution, they have been amazing...” 

Lisa Pratt, Pinnacle Events

“It was a pleasure partnering with the team in Florida for our annual Conference & Supplier Trade Fair. They were instrumental in delivering an exceptional experience that excited and delighted our attendees. Operating as a seamless extension of our team, they provided flawless service and support throughout. I’d recommend them without reservation.” 

Carole Branchetti, Former VP of Marketing Services & Administration, Berlin Packaging


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